Voiding Cystourethrography

What is a Voiding Cystourethrogram?
A children's (pediatric) voiding cystourethrogram (VCUG) is an x-ray examination of a child's bladder and lower urinary tract that uses a special form of x-ray called Fluoroscopy and a contrast material.
Fluoroscopy makes it possible to see internal organs in motion. When the bladder is filled with and then emptied of a water-soluble contrast material, the radiologist is Able to view and assess the anatomy and function of the bladder and lower urinary tract.

Why should I do it?
A voiding cystourethrogram enables a radiologist, a physician specifically trained to supervise and interpret radiology examinations, to detect abnormalities in the Flow Of urine through the lower urinary tract. This examination is often recommended after a urinary tract infection to check for a condition known as vesicoureteral (VU) Reflux.

Any preparations needed?

  • You should inform your physician of any medications your child is taking and if he or she has any allergies, especially to contrast materials.
  • Inform your doctor about recent illnesses or other medical conditions.
  • Your child does not need to fast or wear special clothing. Your child will have to remove all clothing.
  • Explain to your child what will happen during the examination so that there will be no confusion about what is expected.
  • Sedation is rarely needed