Can I get an appointment today?
Yes you can. Please call our booking service on 19144 to book the nearest appointment. But please be aware that getting a same-day appointment is subject to The type of examination ordered, and the availability of the specialist that day. One word of advice is to be flexible on choice of branch location. And naturally we Advise you to book as early as possible.
When can I receive the results of my test?
Your results are ready no later than the following day. However, in urgent cases (e.g. trauma) we’ll notify the specialist and request him/her to write an urgent Report. Alternatively you can directly receive the films without the report. Also please note that certain urgent cases may require a second opinion, and in that Case the results can be received later in the evening.
How much will I have to pay?
Prices vary according to type of test done. Please feel free to ask for our special rates at the reception or on our hotline.
How long will I wait to get my test(s) done?
The receptionist should notify you once you arrive. However we ask you to book in advance, and arrive on time in order to reduce the waiting time as much as Possible.
Are there any special preparations I should be aware of before I do my test?
Certain services (such as interventional services) may need special preparations prior to the test, others (such as an ultrasound exam) do not. For more Information about each test, please check the respective link for the test in the ‘services’ section, or call our hotline 19144.
What happens during my test?
Please check the provided information for each test in our website, or call our hotline 19144.
I have been told my test involves taking certain chemicals (dye, barium). Do they have side effects?
These contrast agents used in our examinations are generally quite safe. However a small group of people may experience certain side effects as result of an Allergic reaction. Serious side effects are very rare but possible. Please consult with your doctor to find out more about it.
Can I speak to the doctor after doing the test?
Yes. Upon your request, we can notify the specialist of your request to speak to him/her


Do I have to come all the way back to get the results?
No you don’t have to. First off we can always arrange for you to pick up the results from the nearest branch next to you. And if you wish, you may request to get The results delivered to your doorstep. And soon our new IT platform will allow you and your physician to access your health information at your own Convenience via the internet. Please speak to the receptionist or dial 19144 for more information on this service.
Why do I have to wait after finishing the exam?

The waiting time is to allow the resident radiologist to view the exam done and make sure that no more views or other exams are needed. This way we don’t Have to call you back to the branch for any additional views or exams.

Why do you ask me to bring my previous exams especially that they were not done at CAIROSCAN?

Bringing your previous exams are important for comparing the current situation to the old one, especially if the exam is done for follow up, even if the exams Were done elsewhere.

Does the MRI exam have x-ray in it?

MRI does not have any x-ray beams of any sort; it is simply a strong magnetic field that requires certain precautions for certain patients with magnetic inserts Within their bodies like pacemakers.  Please refer to our “services” page for more info on MRI.